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  At Pony Sameday we invite visitor posting from scholars, bloggers and clients. In the event that you have unique substance and might want us to distribute on our site then, at that point reach out. Keen on composition for the Pony Sameday blog? We acknowledge great quality visitor posts on a wide scope of subjects, so on the off chance that you have some substance you'd prefer to submit, reach out! About The Pony Sameday Blog Horse Sameday is the UK's head Courier Service giving same day conveyance answers for organizations and people all through The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Our blog area permits guests to get more data on the business and areas we offer types of assistance to. The dispatch blog isn't restricted to just the messenger, coordinations and transport industry. We like to give data on current undertakings, security tips and general interests. Our blog articles are composed by our staff, drivers and the chief. We additionally get demands from visitor banners and in the event that we like the article and it's a decent read, it's in. We invite websites about that very day messenger and transport industry, however will hope to incorporate any article or blog presenting of worth on our guests. What we search for from our visitor banners In the event that you figure you could compose an incredible blog entry for our site, the accompanying rules are required: Be Original All articles submitted as a visitor post to our site blog should be your own work, must be unique and should not be distributed elsewhere. Increase the value of Pony Sameday Your article should increase the value of our blog area and site. The accommodation ought to be somewhere around 700 words and be educational, inventive, clever or genuine. Our guests need content that will keep them intrigued and occupied with your blog entry. Ensure your article will carry worth to our site and to your standing. Offer Your Blog You will share your visitor presented article on your social channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkdIn and so on Connection Back to Your Guest Post Give a connection back from your site blog to your visitor post. Embeddings Links You can add a limit of two outbound connections to your site or social channel. Connection Back to Your Guest Post Give a connection back from your site blog to your visitor post. Pictures Your visitor post will have something like one picture, this should be allowed to-utilize and should be on subject of the article. Utilize one of the many contact alternatives to present your article to us. We look forward in perusing your accommodation. Digital money for Couriers and Drivers  

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